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Antiqued Mirror Glass

Rupert Bevan has an established reputation as supplier of the finest antiqued mirror glass in the industry.  All our mirrors are hand-antiqued and we can give detail to the level of patina required by the client.

We would usually class antique mirror in three main levels of patina, light, medium and dark. Foxed edges, refers to the level of distressing on the edges (the usually very dark areas surrounding the mirror edges), and this can vary from none to extreme. Here are a few questions we get asked:

Mirror finishes -what is in trend?
High impact, dramatic, moody, heavily antiqued mirror. It utterly transforms a room and brings real drama to any space.

What kind of different mirror finishes are available?
Antiqued mirror, mottled mirror, etched and sandblasted designs, hand-blown glass, glue chipped, beveled and hand beveled, brilliant cut, gilded glass, hand-decorated glass, and eglomise.

How do you create a whole wall of mirror?
In terms of process, we template the space, draw it up and then present a design to the client for approval. We’ll make a number of proposals that make the most of the space and fit the interior, light levels, and other features in the room. We’ll use backboards to provide a flat surface to fix the mirror tiles to, and incorporate any wall lights, sockets and other fittings.

Does this include skirting board?
We would normally sit the mirrors on the skirting. The skirting helps to prevent damage to the mirror panels. However, it is of course possible to have a skirting cut-out for an installation.

Does this add to value of home or is it something new owner could easily change?
It would certainly make any room more attractive and appealing. We can make the mirrors removable so that they can be taken with you when you move, or a new owner can remove them if they want to.

How is the mirror fixed to the wall?
The backboards are screwed to the wall and then the mirror panels are glued to the backboards with special adhesive. If the panels are very large we would also use mechanical fixings in the corners that we’d cap with brass dome studs.

Is it safe?
We would normally toughen our glass before applying the mirror finish, making it very safe.

Can you hang art on an entire wall mirror?
Yes, we would agree on a location for the hooks or rail in advance and then make the holes in the mirror during production.

Do you have any pointers in using lighting in combination with these large expanses of mirror?
Wall sconces look beautiful on antiqued mirror walls. Our own installation in our showroom provides a lovely example!

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