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Mirror Finishes – August 2019

We are constantly developing new finishes in our glass workshop – using the same techniques we do for our antique mirrors but getting creative with our application and tools. 

Perceiving a demand for increasingly rare 18th and 19th century glass plate during his days as a restorer, Rupert Bevan was one of the first to begin producing decorative glass panelling which emulated the effect of authentic antique mirror.  By developing a technique which mimics the natural process whereby mirror glass patinates over time and gradually refining and perfecting this over the years, Rupert Bevan has established a reputation as supplier of the finest antiqued mirror glass in the industry.

It is this knowledge and refined technique which allows us to create new finishes for designers, decorators, architects and clients.  We translate their ideas into unique and truly bespoke finishes which can assist in transforming a space, bring a different dimension and play with light.






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